Dashboard and Data Analytics

Data from rapid and regular business and operational transactions are becoming critical factor to enable effective decision making, creating anticipative actions within business sales and manufacturing operations.


DIGINOVASI provides solutions to capture insights and key business information from huge regular transactional data (big data) through visual and  userfriendly dashboard. The dashboard will lead your way in deciding the right pricing and cost negotiation. Currently, regular transactional data is stored in separated database requiring extra effort to get you to the key meaningful information you need. Next, DIGINOVASI data system will automatically present it to you in a simple and  structured information for further analysis.


In current practices, a lot of business information can not be translated into reliable business insights since there are issues in data accesibility, data structures and time delay in presentation. We overcome the issues, in addition our system is equipped with easy interface to common business application platforms, e.g. SAP, and it is  built to be flexible to align with your current platforms. 

The key role of the solution is to convert data from  operational transactions into business intelligence and apply data analytic to provide insights for next transaction control. The following is benefit of DiGinovasi solutions for business dashboard:

  • Information right first time – no delay of information

  • Direct linkage with current business process

  • Data meaning and insights for business evaluation

  • Right access control of critical information


DIGINOVASI awares that each business model is unique and requires custom design for the specific requirements. Therefore the project will be designed with sequencial stages as follow:

  • Consultation and design requirements – URS.

  • Project scoping – area of subjects, data base management.

  • Users definitions and applications.

  • Dashboard design

  • Training and hand over