Accessibility and Mobility

Mobility is essentially about the freedom and flexibility of any persona in business processes. It is one of the most important components of a digital transformation. It reshapes the way we approach operations, how we reach customers, and how our employees go about their daily work lives. 

It may seem redundant to talk about “mobility” in an industry where workers are always on the move. But the nature of field technician mobility is changing. Previously, a field technician’s mobility was a simple necessity: they had to go where something was to fix it. With digital technology, however, makes technician mobility part of a bigger, better integrated experience for the customer. Rather than having to visit (or call) the main office, technicians get all the information they need on-site, improving the quality of their service, giving delighting experience for customers.

In addition, it could also beneficial for workers. They can hold virtual meetings, regardless of their location. They can connect with customers, their colleagues and supply chain partners to enhance productivity, collaboration and efficiency. These now-digital activities can improve an organisation profitability.


Another benefit is that mobile technologies are relatively easy to implement. Employees use them in their personal lives, so they feel comfortable bringing them to work. Furthermore, there are a wide variety of applications that enable everyone to leverage mobile technologies to work smarter and securely