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We are a dynamic digital service company founded with the passion to help transform businesses and organisations with the power of People, Data, and Technology, boosting efficiency with data insights, accelerate growth with new discoveries, and realising enormous business benefits with fully controlled actions.


We have a strong business process knowledge from our extensive experiences in various industries: energy, mining, consumer goods, manufacturing, services, and information technology. Combining our business process knowledge with our digital technology capability, we could assist you transforming your overall business processes to be revolutionary Lean and Customer-centric. 

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Our Products & Services

DIGINOVASI provides reliable solutions for an integrated and automated data processing system, gathering accurate data, serve and supervise, and provide real time control. The solution provides real time access and visibility for key information in the business process, uncover losses in the business as well as opening huge opportunities.

The applications are designed to suit with widely used business application such as SAP. It is also designed for wide range of industrial operations such as supply chain process (delivery and distribution, demand planning and sales forecast, Inventory control, Business Warehouse), manufacturing process (energy loss, waste, including power monitoring system), and other customized design depends on business requirement.


Kick Off SAP Project with SKK Migas

News. 6 Nov 2019, taking place in SKK Migas Wisma Mulia Office, Diginovasi is  kicking off new project for SKK Migas. Partnering with Perdana Consulting, we  provide SAP User License with the annual technical support service for SKK Migas.

Completion of Tin Weight-Scale App. for PT Timah

News. 22 Oct 2019 we successfully install and implement our app for PT Timah in Mentok Plant, Bangka. The app is develop to digitize tin product weight scale data for PT Timah. It capture data from tin product weight scale for export, store it in an SQL database and sent the data into SAP.

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